Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some of Our Favorite Springtime Floral Arrangements

Sending flowers to someone can be a wonderful way to show them you care. Whether you are looking for the perfect spring wedding flowers to adorn your tabletop or a lovely date-night bouquet, our Minnesota-grown flowers are sure to please. Chez Bloom has a great selection of beautiful spring flower arrangements available for any occasion, and our Minneapolis flower delivery service is top notch!

1. Limone
The Limone arrangement is like a burst of sunshine! It features daffodils, tulips and snapdragons. These golden beauties are accented with fresh lemons and limes and thistle and Green Trick. The entire arrangement is pulled together and styled in a modern clear glass cylindrical vase.

2. White Delight
Our White Delight arrangement, much as the name suggests, brings together a wide variety of stunning white flowers. Each flower brings out the beauty in the next, and the arrangement brings a classy look to any surface. The White Delight is designed in a clear glass bubble-style bowl.

3. Buttercream
The Buttercream display has more of an exotic feel as it ties in lotus pods with roses and calla lilies with Ranunculus. This arrangement would not be complete without the lovely California herbs that really capture the essence of the Buttercream. These gorgeous flowers are carefully styled in a textured tureen.

4. Love and Lavender
Our last spring flower bouquet, the Love and Lavender, is a tender yet bold display of purple. It starts with the lightest lavenders and ends with the deepest violets that Mother Nature has to offer. These purple hues are accented with light and dark greenery, and the large glass cylinder makes the entire arrangement complete.

These four designs are some of our favorite springtime floral arrangements. You can conveniently order any of these, or any of our other designs, from our website and rest assured that you’re getting the best. If you are ordering on short notice, don't worry! We can even deliver your flowers on the same day that you ordered them, as long as you place your order before 11:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time). We look forward to helping you choose the perfect floral arrangement, and we cannot wait to design your beautiful bouquet!