Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Peak Summer Flowers

As we enter the "Dog Days" of Summer, our locally grown flowers are hitting their peak! Today we highlight Green Light Farm, and growers Maggie Sheehan & Ben Olson. Their Prairie Farm, WI farm specializes in sustainably grown cut flowers for wholesale sales to Twin Cities independent flower shops and the Midtown Farmer's Market. We appreciate their dedication and hard work they put in to help to ensure American Grown Flowers continues to flourish in today's economy. We value their product and are excited to design flowers for our customers utilizing product that is grown locally, has minimal impact on the environment, cultivates a strong bee population, and brings beauty to many others! Please check our web site for our latest arrangements for summer and you may also call as new flowers arrive each week. 


Monday, May 23, 2016

Minnesota-Grown, Sustainably Produced Flowers for Events & Delivery

 One of the finest florists in Minneapolis, Chez Bloom specializes in the finest quality Minnesota-grown flowers. Chez Bloom's commitment to putting our customers first is a priority that combines trustworthiness and follow-up service with an enjoyable online shopping experience that lets customers make use of the latest technology.

You'll find ordering our flowers online is convenient and fast. Our professional designers, who shop the market daily, create our stunning and unique featured Designer's Showcase arrangements utilizing the freshest locally grown flowers.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The New Breakfast Wedding Trend: Ideas & Inspiration

When spring arrives, stunning flowers aren't the only beautiful things blooming in Minneapolis. Gorgeous flower selections and hot new brunch and breakfast wedding trends keep popping up like wildflowers all over the place. We’ve compiled many charming ideas for planning your special wedding breakfast or brunch!

Find the Perfect Venue

 Selecting the right venue for an amazing wedding brunch or breakfast experience is a matter of personal taste; but it has to be the coolest place you can find, of course! There is no beating around the bush about some of Minneapolis' most fantabulous breakfast venue options. From quaint and charming to majestic and extravagant, or somewhere in between, Minneapolis is ready with the wedding brunch locale of your dreams. Hoping to read about at least one of these splendiferous places? You are in luck. The one, the only American Swedish Institute delivers an unsurpassed indoor/outdoor fantasy setting all its own within its historically renowned castle setting. That's right. We said, "castle setting". Enjoy this one-of-a-kind, elaborate museum, and cultural center's Swedish tile stoves, incredible wood carvings and posh rooms.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some of Our Favorite Springtime Floral Arrangements

Sending flowers to someone can be a wonderful way to show them you care. Whether you are looking for the perfect spring wedding flowers to adorn your tabletop or a lovely date-night bouquet, our Minnesota-grown flowers are sure to please. Chez Bloom has a great selection of beautiful spring flower arrangements available for any occasion, and our Minneapolis flower delivery service is top notch!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Minnesota Wedding Venues – Some of The Coolest & Most Beautiful Options in Minneapolis – St. Paul

Selecting the proper wedding venue is one of the most important pieces in planning your wedding. It will affect everything from the theme of your wedding to your budget as well as determine how many guests you can invite. Not just any place will do. Here’s our list of some of our favorite Minnesota wedding venues that will hopefully spark some ideas and help take away some of your stress. So let’s check ‘em out (in no particular order)…